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Sobriety for Women is a safe space for women struggling with addiction.
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An Online Resource for Sober Women by Sober Women

Sobriety for Women is an online community geared towards bringing people together to discuss all aspects of recovery. Together we can break the chains of addiction and the stigma associated with it.

Our goal is simple. To bring to light the personal struggles individuals face in addiction, the success stories of those in recovery, and to be a resource for families that they can count on and trust.

We welcome people in recovery, their families, and professionals to join the conversation.

Why We Started Sobriety for Women

After recovering from her own addiction, our founder found herself lost in a sea of information and without anyone to share her story. As she started building an addiction center in Florida she realized that women didn’t have a dedicated source of comfort and support for themselves. As such she has stayed committed to providing strength, recovery resources for individuals without financial resources, online support, and a sense of community for over 10 years and counting with Sobriety For Women!

Sobriety for women was and continues to be born from the necessity of having a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment for women in sobriety. We’re glad that you’re here: Welcome!

Recent Stories

Please read our latest stories. These are real-life stories of women in sobriety and their journeys. 

I Wanted to Get Out of Addiction

I Wanted to Get Out of Addiction

A Moment of Clarity One day it hit me that I did not want to do these pills anymore. I just wanted to be normal. These pills had taken control of my life for the last few years and I could not remember the last day that I had not had them in my hand. I thought that...

That is the Insanity of a Drug Addict

That is the Insanity of a Drug Addict

I “Was” a good kid Fast forward to court. I was a good kid with no criminal record. The judge told me if I did a few things I would not be facing jail time or a criminal record. If I did not do those things I would be charged with 2 felonies and 3 misdemeanor charges....

My Solution to Life

My Solution to Life

I Found HEAVEN in the Smoke of a Blue Pill Kate and I looked at each other and smiled, as we both knew we were getting into that drug dealers car. He was right. I had dabbled in the club scene drugs, tried crack cocaine but nothing and I mean nothing was like what...

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