What We Are All About!

Sobriety for Women is an online community geared towards bringing people together to discuss all aspects of recovery. Together we can break the chains of addiction and the stigma associated with it. Our goal is simple. To bring to light the personal struggles individuals face in addiction, the success stories of those in recovery and to be a resource for families that they can count on and trust.

We welcome people in recovery, their families, and professionals to join the conversation.


For those of you in recovery or in active addiction we encourage them to share with the community. We invite visitors to share their experience, strength, and hope with us so that together we can encourage hope. Each week we will showcase a story of a person in recovery who wishes to discuss their success and encourage those that are still suffering in silence that recovery is possible.

We strive to be their “go to” support network. Often families are unaware of what to do when they discover their loved one has a problem, how to approach the situation or know where to turn. Addiction is a family disease and can tear apart a parent, spouse or loved one. We have created one community where you can find all the support necessary to start the process of healing and recovery. We provide the answers to all of the questions that a family or friend may have.
If there is a question we have not answered bring it to us!

We encourage them to join the conversation elaborating on the evidence-based outcomes in addiction treatment, supportive networking for families and provide advice for those in the grips of their addiction.
Together we can all recover. Together we can all change. Sobriety for women is where healing begins.

Lead the Conversation

Be part of the conversation by leading it. What you have to say is important and we want to hear what you have to say giving you an opportunity to share it with the world!

Always Stay Up To Date

Say in the loop by joining our mailing list We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest storys and news from the Sobriety for Women network.

Find Some Help Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction we are here to help. Our affiliated treatment center, Lighthouse Recovery Institute, specializes in women’ss recovery issues.

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