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Women in sobriety all have one thing in common. They know what it is like to experience pain and the joys of recovery! We want to hear from you! What is your story. The best way to reach every woman struggling with drug and alcohol addiction or the loved one of someone suffering from addiction is to help them feel not so alone. We all have something that we can relate to. If you are willing to share your story either as a woman in sobriety, a family member of someone in sobriety, or a professional with experience dealing with alcoholics and addicts in sobriety we want to hear from you. No story is too small and no pain is too great. Together we can all change.

Have you ever thought “I cannot believe how far I have come?” If that is the case, we need to hear from you! Addiction is a deadly disease that kills hundreds of people every single day in this country. People need to know that change is possible. Without the hope of people like us sharing our stories, our struggles and our success how will they ever know that it is possible. People tend to think alcoholics and addicts have to be the bottom of the barrel types which only creates a stigma of what addiction looks like. Help share the message of hope by sharing your story. Simply go to out submit and article page and submit it! We want to be able to share enough stories that no one will feel they are hopeless. Help us show the world that we can all change.

Addiction is a family disease. Loved ones of an alcoholic or addict often struggle for many years in silence because they simple do not know where to turn to. Often families of addicts think they can save their loved one, instead of looking for professional help. Most often it is shame or guilt preventing a family from coming forward. One of the saddest things about addiction is that it is deadly. Every day hundreds of people, including our children, are losing their life due to untreated addiction. We want to hear from you. We want to hear the stories of the families who have experienced the enormous grief of losing a loved one due to this disease to help show the world how serious this epidemic is. Additionally, we want to hear the stories of success! We need to create a community in which everyone can feel apart and learn from. Please help us share your story, from your point of view on the disease of addiction.

There are many facets to treating drug and alcohol addiction. We are in dire need of professionals who work in the addiction or mental health industry to share their views. Professionals dealing in the legal system, private counseling world, medical field or even in the schools all have a unique perspective on what they see the trends are in their area. What approaches have you found to be the most effective? Have you found any approaches to be ineffective? Why do you think that is? These are the types of observations which go a long way in helping addicts and their families understand the problem and identify what solution might be best for them. We are looking for any and all professionals to share what they have seen in their everyday life working in their field. With your help we can unite multiple viewpoints and spread a message of recovery.

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