Everything you need to know about addiction and the recovery journey.
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12-Step Groups

12 Step groups are a great way to start your journey towards recovery. Learn to live free of addiction and be happy at the same time. Most addiction specialists recommend patients attend support group meetings after completing treatment. To top it all off, they are free!

Guide to Get Into Rehab

If you’re struggling with addiction, you might struggle with finding the right path to rehab, after all, with so many options it can be overwhelming. Learn about the best way to seek treatment and how to tell an addiction treatment center you’re interested in joining their rehab programs.

Insurance Help

A lot of people dismiss rehab because they believe they cannot afford it. Yet, not everyone is aware that their insurance policy might cover some or all of the cost of attending rehab for drug addiction or for mental health disorders. This guide will explain what you need to know about paying for rehab with insurance.

Guide to Help an Addict

Having a friend or family member struggling with addiction is never easy. You probably feel hopeless and lost, without a clue how you can help your loved one. In this guide, we show you every step you can take to help your loved one seek treatment and commit to recovery.

Resources for Families

Preventing and addressing addiction in the family is a learning process. While you might not know how to help a loved one who’s struggling, you still want to offer your support and guidance. This comprehensive guide for families shows you everything you need to know about addiction treatment.

Marijuana Talk Kit

With so many states legalizing marijuana, parents are now facing a new dilemma: how to talk about marijuana to their kids? This eBook comes with talk points, resources, and information about the truth of marijuana use and addiction. It’s intended for anyone with young children who might start experimenting with popular drugs.

Guide for Continuing Care

Addiction treatment is the first step taken towards a life in recovery. However, it’s continuing care or aftercare that helps people thrive in recovery. This guide will show you everything you need to know about how to foster what you’ve learned in treatment and use it for long-lasting and happy life in sobriety.

Guide for Dual-Diagnosis

Almost half of the individuals with a mental disorder have a co-occurring substance use disorder. This eBook about mental health and addiction shares insights into the world of dual diagnosis. It includes recognizing the signs of addiction, how to help your loved one, and what to look for when finding treatment.   

Guide on Using Naloxone

Every year, thousands of fatal overdoses happen across the United States, taking the lives of children, parents, loved ones, and friends. Naloxone can potentially reverse an opioid overdose and save a life. This guide teaches you how to administer Naloxone and other ways to care for someone having an overdose.

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