My loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol what do I do? How do I know how to do an intervention? What drug rehab is the best place to send my loved one to?

These are common place questions and concerns that most family members have. We have created a resource page to help addicts and their loved ones find the help that they need to specifically answer the hard questions. We have also developed a nationwide set of tools for the families to use to build the support network they so desperately need. Please visit each of the websites listed that have been strategically identified to help you address situations as they arise. Additionally, educational pieces and newsworthy articles are also found on these websites to educate individuals on the topic of addiction and the impact that it can have on an individual and the entire family system.

12 Step Groups

12 Step groups are a great way to start you journey towards recovery. Learn to live free of addiction and be happy at the same time. To top it all off they are free!

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