Drug And Alcohol Abuse Didn’t Start Yesterday, Surgeon General Murthy

Yesterday all over my news feeds were headlines saying,
“Surgeon General Report shows drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise”,
“The US Surgeon General Wants to Fight Addiction”,
“Surgeon General to release landmark report on drug and alcohol abuse.”

A little too late to be making such grand statements. Plus, Surgeon General Murthy’s “Landmark” drug and alcohol abuse report is just a hodgepodge of stats and figures that others have reported in the past. The only thing this media blitz is doing is proving that it takes way too long for drug and alcohol abuse to make it on the the desk as a priority for Surgeon General Murthy. Just last week Democratic candidate for congress Kim Myers published her plan to fight drug and alcohol abuse and it is by far way more on point than anything Surgeon General Murthy has said thus far.

To help out , Surgeon General Murthy and to show him exactly what a “Landmark” fight against drug and alcohol abuse looks like, here are the 3 tips for Surgeon General Murthy on how to fight drug and alcohol abuse.

1. Drug Abuse Facilities Should Be Free For Everyone

Making drug abuse facilities free for everyone who wants them, now that is “Landmark”. It’s never been done before and by creating drug abuse facilities across the country, Surgeon General Murthy would create thousands of new jobs. Think about it. 10 new drug abuse facilities in each state, free for all who need help with drug and alcohol abuse, the results would be incredibly positive.

2. Free Tuition For Substance Abuse Therapists


If you want to go to school to be a therapist and work at drug abuse facilities your schooling should be paid for. With so many people looking for help with drug and alcohol abuse we need to provide the adequate education needed to create a new team of substance abuse and addiction professionals to meet the demand. If we had 1 drug and alcohol abuse therapist for every 10 people who needed it out country would see an incredible economic boom and a significant reduction in heroin addiction deaths and costs to health care providers.

3. Release All Non-Violent Drug Abuse Prisoners At Once


Over a billion dollars in tax payer money would be saved. If only 10 percent of these non-violent drug and alcohol abuse offenders got and stayed sober, the money they would pay in taxes and the money the would contribute to the economy would drastically increase the over-all financial health of the economy. Releasing these drug and alcohol abuse offenders to the new drug abuse facilities, stocked with new drug and alcohol abuse therapists will set off a chain reaction of positivity and economical growth, not to mention promote an much healthier united state of America.

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