By Tim Myers

Practical Tips for Meditation

ADHD meditation

How many people with ADHD does it take to screw in a light bulb? Want to Ride Bikes?

See, that’s the problem people with ADHD have when it comes to meditation. I have ADHD. I have NOT been able to sit still since my head first popped out.

Going to the movies is a problem. Sitting in church is horrific. Going out to dinner is fine…until they ask if I want dessert. Dessert? Dessert? I’ve been sitting in this wooden chair for forty-five minutes, you have nothing good enough to keep my butt in this seat one second longer.

Now, my sponsor tells me that meditation is crucial to my long-term sobriety…so I’m screwed, right? Nope, even an ADHD affected individual like myself can find the necessary tools to meditate.

With that in mind, here are five meditation tips for people with ADHD!

5) You Don’t Actually Have to Stop Moving!

Buddha is a liar! Meditation doesn’t have to mean you sit still! Boom! Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or draw. As long as your mind is focused on the right thoughts or actions, you’ll be able to slow down.

You can pray, focus on a negative situation, and then think about how to handle it based on AA principles. You can even journal as a form of meditation!

4) Use Music to Focus!

Find a song with 100% positive lyrics or pick your favorite song and interpret the words to meet your desired goal for meditation. If you’re bummed, find a song that speaks to motivation and the improvement of your mood. The song doesn’t have to have lyrics either. Let the mood of the music lead your thoughts and help maintain your focus.

3) Two Minutes is All You Need!

Start at two minutes. Can ya meditate for two minutes? Start at two and then move to three. The longer you meditate, the more you’ll ratchet it up.

ADHD peeps may not be able to sit still, but we do love a challenge!

2) Make it a Routine!

ADHD affected drug addicts do love routine. It helps us stay on track and get stuff done. Most people think we prefer to be scattered, but that isn’t true at all. Routine is our comfort zone and it saves us from stress.

Pick a time for meditation that you can repeat day after day. This will ensure that you’re practicing your mediation techniques each day. This then makes the connection between you and your higher power stronger. Routine will also make it easier to stay in one place. The more you do it the easier it is.

1) Make it Fun!

Recovery got easy when it became fun. We first started doing drugs because it was fun and made us feel great. Meditation can unlock a whole new world of recovery if you make it fun.

As soon as it becomes a joy to do, you’ll do it every single day. Meditating everyday will make your reflection time more potent and more powerful than any drug.

Meditation will change your life. There’s no wrong way to do, just do it. Period!

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