Women’s Addiction Recovery Meetings Are the Bomb

I don’t even know where to get started on this one. Why do I only attend women’s addiction recovery meetings? The list is so damn long I could have titled this article 3 billion reasons why I only attend women’s addiction recovery meetings. My life is so much better today because I took the main concept behind my gender specific drug rehab for women and applied them to my addiction recovery. Why fix what’s not broken right? I know a lot of women in recovery go to coed meetings and that is ok. I don’t though, and I think more women should stick to women’s addiction recovery meetings and here is why.


My Drug Rehab for Women Eliminated Distractions.

3. No Distractions.
My addiction recovery meeting and my drug rehab for women had zero men in them ever. To me, men were like a drug and there would have been no difference between having a needle filled with heroin and man sitting on the table. I was addicted to men and drugs so it is very important to me that the only things inside my addiction recovery meetings are things that will help me stay sober. Men cannot help me stay sober ever.

I Get Recovery from Drugs, Booty Calls.

2. No One Hits On Me.
The worst thing about addiction recovery meetings with dudes is that I can’t walk by myself for two seconds without some guy asking me for my phone number. Men with men and women with women. It’s one of the best and longest lasting rules of addiction recovery meetings. Without this hard and fast rule my drug rehab for women and my addiction recovery meetings would have been nothing but Tinder for drunks. With not a single person trying grind up on trunk I can focus on the steps and what is best for my addiction recovery.


Hey Larry, Wanna Talk About Periods?

1. Female issues are for females.
So here’s the deal, I’m sure many guys are in touch with their feminine side but, they have no idea what it is like to be a woman. Sometime I need to talk about the things that make my female body tick or not tick. I need to talk about how I am 30 days sober and horny as all get up. Doing that in an addiction recovery
meeting with guys present is a recipe for disaster. I might as well take out a billboard on the side of a highway that reads, “Do Me”. Maybe I need to talk about some of the horrible shameful things I have done and I need to be with women I trust? Talking about that stuff around men is super uncomfortable and something I would only do at a drug rehab for women. Plus, many women such as myself come in to addiction recovery with a history of abuse at the hands of men. Those wounds take time to heal and in many cases it takes years. So for a while, I choose to work on myself in the privacy and comfort of women. Right now, it’s just who I trust.

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