Do These 5 Things to Enhance Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

So a bunch of the girls from my women’s group on Saturday have put together this list of 5 things that seriously help us in our recovery from drugs and alcohol. A woman we all know named Danni (not her real name, anonymity people!) was in need of drug help. She seemed to have a terrible time staying sober more than six months. We all told her the normal stuff, go to 90 AA meetings in 90 days, get a sponsor, get a home group, and on and on. Nothing seemed to work, she kept coming back to us for help. So one morning all of us girls made a list of the not so common things we do to boost our recovery from drugs and alcohol. Danni tried ‘em and she has 7 months sober! So here they are, warning they may seem kind of weird but they work when done alongside all the other stuff like meetings, helping others, service work, rehab, IOP, you know what I’m talking about.

5 Interesting Ways to Help Your Recovery

5. Laugh Every Day
Do it! I know it sounds impossible but we all tried it and it helps us big time in our recovery. Some days it can be tough to figure out a way to laugh but, figure out a way. Force your self to watch a movie ‘til you laugh at least once, call a funny friend, do what ever it takes. We found that your mood is pretty great if you’ve laughed everyday fro 90 days.

4. Sing A Song Out Loud With A Friend
Do it! Again it may seem silly but it really boosts your mood and will have you both laughing, so really this one could knock two off your list. Plus, this helps with recovery from drugs and alcohol because you can use it in happy times, sad times and angry times! Try Adelle songs, they’re my favorites, and “Mean” By T-Swift.

3. Make A Gratitude List And Text It To Friends
Do it! Ok, I’m sure you’ve all heard this one before but have you all really done it for at least a month? Have you all actually read what other people wrote? If not try this. It will boost your recovery like crazy and you’ll get really close with all your female AA buds.

recovery from alcohol

2. Punch Somebody
Just Kidding

2. Ask One Stranger At A Meeting What They Are Struggling With
Do it! We have been amazed at how much of an impact this simple gesture has on people. Many times people who were too shy or ashamed to share at the meeting pour their hearts out to you. They needed someone to talk to and you answered their prayers. So many new friends have been made in this way, you must try it.

1. Tell A Different Person You Love Them Everyday
Just Do it, its that simple!

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