Do They Have Addiction Help for Facebook Stalking?

I’ve been staking my ex-boyfriend on Facebook and I cannot stop and I need addiction help for what I’m calling the Jim problem. Let me back up. 5 years ago I was dating Jim. We dated for about a year after we both sought addiction help for our problems with heroin. We didn’t date in treatment, but shortly afterwards we began our time together. We loved each other very much. Jim was very cute and by far the funniest person I had ever met. He thought I was just the best, he loved me so much and I appreciated that. Jim’s AA program always came first and it was a huge turn on to me that he did so much service work and helped so many men stay sober, he was seriously like the most famous man in the anonymous program. His example made me work harder at recovery too.

I’m Was Showing Signs of a Drug Addict Towards School

signs of a drug addict

No one had ever cared about me like Jim did. I was simply a heroin junkie from New Hampshire. Jim helped me light the fire of my soul and we were great together, until we were not. Jim was 10 years older than I was and wanted to settle down and get married to me. I was not ready and was very focused on graduating college. I loved school and I loved Jim, but both were too intense to co-exist. I was into school, like really in to it. I was like a druggie for school. I was all I did and all I wanted to do, so one night, Jim and I broke up. Well, I said I needed 7 days away from him to gather my thought and he ended it.

Jim Found Addiction Help for Dealing with The Loss of Me

For the better part of a year Jim would e-mail me and beg to get back together and for that year I never responded. I was too focused on school. I didn’t date other people I just studied. Jim having a hard time with us being apart threw himself in to AA even more and his recovery grew even stronger, God I think he even got better looking. I moved out of my apartment and into a condo with a friend, then one morning I opened my front door to find Jim moving a mattress in to the condo next to mine. He had just purchased, not rented, purchased the condo next to mine and he had no idea. I t was luck, fate, a horrible coincidence.

Am I addicted to Jim or Just Addicted


Our eyes locked and that was it, we were back together. I missed him so much and he missed me. We spent every night together and I was so happy. Jim seemed to skip everywhere he went, but there was a secret I hadn’t told him. I was moving back to New Hampshire in a week. Jim had to stay in Florida, HE JUST BOUGHT A CONDO! Plus he had a career. I had gotten a full ride to a great school up north. He fought to keep me but I didn’t back down. I left him again. For 3 weeks after I left I thought about him every second of the day. Jim was seeing a therapist and getting addiction help for, well dealing with me again. I was obsessing over him and showing signs of a drug addict. So I bought Jim a plane ticket to come see me and called him to tell him the news. He told me that he was trying to move on. I begged for him to come see me, begged for him to sell his condo. So, he tried. Over the next 24 hours Jim put his condo on the market and he did one other thing. He met someone. Next to a bike rack outside an AA meeting Jim asked a girl on a date. He told me about and I said…

“If you think this girl is the one, the go on that date, if even the tiniest bit of you thinks she is not then get on that plane.”

He never got on the plane.

Jim Got Married and Not to Me

It’s been 3 years and Jim has a wife, live in the mid-west and they are expecting a child in April. It’s going to be a girl. They haven’t picked out a name yet. They have a great house and love to go for walks with their dog by the river. I have not spoken to him since the day he chose her over me. All the information I have is from the Facebook posts I glance at while my boyfriend runs to the bathroom or while I’m at work, or driving to work. Yeah I’m with someone but I wish it was Jim not the goof ball I sleep with now. I actually can’t go to sleep until I check out his Facebook page. Do they make addiction help for Facebook? Do the make addiction help for stalking? Do they make addiction help for love?

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