Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse offer Addiction help In Death

When Whitney Houston died it was discovered that she wore dentures, wore a wig, had emphysema and was surrounded by many cigarette butts. Amy Winehouse died while watching YouTube videos of herself. I bet you didn’t know that. You see, addiction help doesn’t come from the fond memories of their music. Addiction help, true addiction help comes from taking a look at how far they fell and what Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse looked like at their last moment.

Addiction Help

Drug Addiction Programs Should Give Handout of Coroners Report

Too many of us young women looked up to Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. We sang there songs as little girls and we dressed like them. Maybe we should teach our children to dress like them the day they died. Addiction help comes in the form of looking at pur idols in the way they never wanted us to see them. Drug addiction programs were not taken seriously by Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. If they had been both women would be here today. Instead the addiction help many need come from picturing Whitney Houston alone in the bath tube she died in.

Dentures, A Wig, And Cigarettes The Real Whitney

The women with the most beautiful voice in the history of the world ever, the woman who sang The Star Spangled Banner better than anyone else in the 202 years it has been sung, died a horrible mess. With her arms draped over the side of the tub, her wig was out of place and cockeyed. Her dentures, yes dentures were hanging out of her out and cigarette butts lined the floor of the bathroom. All she had to do was seek addiction help one more time. All she had to do was check herself into one of the many drug addiction programs available. Nothing in Whitney Houston’s life was un-fixable. Now she is glorified in death by the songs she left behind, but if you really want to use her memory for something good, for those who need addiction help, please pass along her coroners report or this photo at drug addiction programs.

Addiction Help

The Lonely Addict Winehouse

When she died, no one was surprised. Amy Winehouse would have shocked us only if she lived to see her 50th birthday. Nothing here in the story of Amy Winehouse other than her voice is incredibly special since she really built her brand around drugs, alcohol crazy and refusing to go to drug addiction programs. Her unique senses and crazy cool vocals would have shot her to the tops of the pops and the top of the world have she only given herself the chance. Instead she ended her life while sitting alone in her room while watching YouTube videos of herself. Nothing amazingly crazy or out of this world hilarious to glamorize. Just a slow and painful re-run of her life preceded her death. The ironic, NO, NO, NO to addiction help ultimately deciding her fate. Don’t immortalize the women who sang Rehab, immortalize this face, because that is the last and only image we should be honoring.

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