The Importance of a Home Group

Written By: Katie Schipper

What Is a Home Group?

Many in Florida Recovery Programs encourage individuals to seek a home group. A home group is the twelve-step meeting someone chooses to be a member of. Most groups have open membership and joining is usually as simple as telling another home group member. While addicts are welcome to attend all meetings, a home group serves as an important anchor for any woman’s addiction Florida recovery program.

Twelve-step meetings usually hold monthly business meetings. This is when members share their ideas for bettering the group. It’s also when meeting issues are discussed and solved, based on group conscience (the majority opinion of members).

Addiction recovery program and a home group

Why Have a Home Group?

Home groups are often called the “heartbeat of AA.” It’s within a home group that newly sober women begin to learn how AA works and what it really means to be sober. Within the home group, newcomers are able to take service positions and meet those with long-term recovery. All the little things that make twelve-step programs so amazing are best observed within the home group setting. It’s there the wisdom and miracle of AA is shared freely among members. Service work starts by attending business meetings and taking an active role in AA life.

Choosing a home group is a foundation of long-recovery. Additionally, many individuals find it helpful to include self-help groups with professional therapy in their Florida Recovery Program. With a home group comes a sense of belonging and responsibility. These were pretty much absent from our life during active addiction! Choosing a home group is one of the first major steps we take towards breaking the deep sense of isolation which ruled our lives.

How Do You Choose a Home Group?

For women in early-recovery, the first step to finding a home group is to attend the same meetings regularly. Going to women’s meeting narrows the choice of potential home groups down. If all women’s meetings aren’t available, mixed meetings are definitely okay. Just remember, stay away from the boys! It’s okay to make any group a temporary home group, you don’t have to wait around for the “perfect” group

As time goes on, if the group you chose doesn’t work, find another one! Like most things in AA, finding a home group shouldn’t be an overly serious matter.

Having a home group isn’t a requirement of twelve-step recovery, it’s not even necessary to stay sober, but there’s nothing more powerful in early-recovery than finding a place among women – strong, sober women.

AA membership isn’t denied to anyone. It’s open to anyone who wants to stop drinking and start living a better life! Home group membership is just as relaxed and is a solid addiction to your addiction recovery program.

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