A Florida Drug Rehab Story

I think I prostituted my self for the first time at age 15. I remember being in my Florida drug rehab and my mom asking me if I was scared the first time sold my body. I told her I wasn’t, because… I wasn’t. I entered the Motel 6, just off the Garden Sate Parkway in Paramus not excited to have sex with the over-weight 40-yearold man in front of me, not scared, just numb. All I could think about was the fact that the fat science teacher in front of me had the cash that was going to get me high tonight, so no I wasn’t scared Mom. Saying those words to my Mother back in that Florida drug rehab changed her, she knew I was sick.

Heroin Detox Was My First God Moment

Florida drug rehab

I knew I was sick too. A simple root canal and a prescription of percocet took me from being the class president of the 7th grade at East Brook Middle School in Paramus to the heroin hooker of the Garden State Parkway. I wandered the back alleys and by ways for 3 years, never once thinking about calling home to my Mother and Father. While other girls my age dreamed of going to Disney world my dream was a trip to a Florida drug rehab or heroin detox. Then one night after there was no blood left in my forehead I woke to the warm hospital bed at Bergen Regional to the sight of my Mom and Dad. I looked like a Halloween street walker, because I was a Halloween street walker, it’s just that it was only February. My parents stayed with me for the night and then when I could walk they helped me into the local Heroin Detox Center and then eventually, that wonderful Florida drug rehab.

My Heart Breathed Without Heroin For The First Time

The pain of heroin detox was horrible at first, but then the medication seemed to help and a simple phrase from an overly zealous AA girl at a meeting they brought to my Florida drug rehab set it. The phrase was, “Don’t Quit Before The Miracle Happens”. Someone other than myself was admitting that there were such things as miracles. Everyday that I dragged my skin across the pavement of Paramus, everyday that I longed for the needle to break and set me free, I prayed for aFlorida drug rehab, I prayed for a heroin detox to fall down on me like a miracle from heaven. You see my addiction was so strong it keot me from saying, “I Need Help.”

I Needed A Miracle And Rehab Was It!

Florida drug rehab

When you think of rehab as Disney World and the most fun you have ever had was the night the slob you slept with didn’t punch you in the face, drug rehab in Florida is a dream come true. Heroin detox was a dream come true. My life that I made for my self had been so horrible that I clang to and devoured the treatment that so many girls run from. Today I am sober over 7 years, have a beautiful daughter named Hope and I owe it all to my Magic Kingdom, the Florida drug rehab where I was born and raised a new in recovery. Don’t quit ‘til the miracle happens.

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