Her Drug Problems Behind Her Eliza Dushku Seeks to Inspire Others

At the Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness in New Hampshire former “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” star Eliza Dushku revealed that she is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and that her drug problems are behind her. Eliza Dushku also let the audience know that she is not by any means cured.

“Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I am an alcoholic and I was a drug addict for a lot of years… You hear people say ‘I am that’ because I am that and I’m always going to be that but the difference between me and an active drug addict that still drinks and does drugs is that I am sober.”

As a fellow woman in recovery and a Buffy nut, I couldn’t have been happier after I watched the clip below of Eliza Dushku’s speech to over 8,000 middle school and high school kids. Yes, it is super important for a famous actress to let students know that you can overcome your drug problems. But, what was more important in my opinion is that she shared the fact that once you are and addict you are always an addict. Addiction is a disease, it can be said to be for life, but It can not be cured.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Uncovered Her “True Lies”

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Eliza Dushku revealed that she started taking drugs at the age of 14, roughly the same age she was when she was in the movie “True Lies” staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and made famous by Jamie Lee Curtis (ask any man age 30 what I mean). Reflecting on her drug abuse and her eventual stint in alcohol and drug rehab Eliza said something that really hit home for me. She said…

“Drugs didn’t love me, they didn’t love my family. They definitely didn’t love my friends.”

No, her drug problems definitely didn’t make her family life any better. Her brother told her she couldn’t see her niece anymore and that was the moment of clarity that helped send Eliza Dushku to alcohol and drug rehab.

The NH event was in response to the startling stat that more than 400 people have died as a result of opioid overdose in New Hampshire. This is an increase of 2.5 times. We all know by now that this is mostly due to over-prescription of opioids. 80 percent of heroin abusers began with opioids prescribed by doctors as reported in 2016 New Hampshire government documents.

Drug Problems? “Bring It On.” 8 Years Sober Eliza Dushku Can Handle Anything

Giving teens a popular, attractive and successful movie and TV star who overcame her drug problems is fantastic. But what is even better is that Eliza Dushku has been sober over 8 years. This isn’t some newly sober chick sitting on her celebrity soapbox. She isn’t speaking in clichés she just heard 5 minutes ago. Eliza Dushku is a well-informed, serious proponent of recovery and a wonderful role model for young women.

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