Written By: Anjelica Galante

Is Homelessness a Consequence of Our Actions?


We suffer many consequences during active addiction to drugs and alcohol. We lose lose our spirituality, our friends, our families, our material possessions, our minds, our morals, our homes, and so much more. After pushing everyone and everything away, we may find ourselves sleeping on the street, desperate for one more high. This vicious cycle can go on for days, months, even years. In the case of Eric, it was years and years.

A Nice and Respectable Homeless Man

Eric was called a “nice and respectable homeless man,” by the people in his Virginia neighborhood. Most of us addicts are nice a respectable! We just get dragged down to hell because of our so called “solution,” drugs and booze. Most people don’t understand that addicts are nice, smart, and determined people. If we’re able to break the cycle of active addiction, we can get back on our feet and live a life beyond anyone’s wildest dreams! Some people turn to addiction treatment to get well. Other people move or seek transitional housing. In this case, Eric got pranked into sobriety! How does that happen? Well, it only takes one good Samaritan to change someone’s life.

He Rigged the Lottery

A local man named Rahat knew Eric. Rahat would see Eric day after day and the two struck up an unlikely friendship. Rahat wanted to do something nice for Eric, so he hatched a plan. One day, he approached Eric on the street. “I don’t have any cash, but I do have this winning lottery ticket. I’m not sure how much I won, but you can cash it and keep whatever it is.”

Eric cashed the ticket, found out he won $1,000, and immediately burst into tears of gratitude. He insisted that Rahat share the money. Since that day, Rahat and Eric have been close friends. Rahat soon started a campaign to raise money for Eric. Once the video of Eric cashing in the lottery ticket hit the internet, it went viral. Rahat was able to raise over $40,000 in under twenty days! He bought Eric a beautiful home, new clothes, supplies, electronics, furniture, and more!

Rahat tricked Eric into thinking they were going out to dinner to celebrate Eric getting a job. Rahat took Eric to his house and, once they were inside, revealed to Eric that it was actually his house now! Eric, in disbelief, was speechless and grateful from the very bottom of his heart and soul.

Eric Isn’t Homeless Anymore

Today, Eric isn’t homeless any longer. He’s clean cut, hardworking, employed, sober, and living everyday to the fullest. He has a roof over his head and food in his stomach.

This inspirational story touched the hearts of thousands of people across the world, including mine. Now, I’m not saying that you should wait around to win the lottery while going through tough times in your life. I am trying to raise awareness about the homeless and addiction. Us addicts have heart, gratitude, perseverance, determination, and survival skills!

The Journey to Recovery

Everyone has their own journey, their own success story, their own unique tale of pulling themselves from hell, but we ALL need a little push to get there. Most of the time, it isn’t until another human being opens our eyes that we see what we’re really work. Once we realize the value of our life, a fire’s started that can’t be extinguished.

If you’re a woman struggling with addiction and don’t know how to end the cycle of pain, we’re here to help. We’re here to give you that push, to make you realize you’re self worth, to show you there’s a better way. We’re here to guide you through the trauma, to love you until you learn to love yourself.

For more information Call 844-SOBER-WOMEN.

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