After New Year’s Eve, I needed To Go to Addiction Rehab

It started out like any other night out. My girlfriends and I got together at my apartment to get ready to go out for New Year’s Eve. We made some mixed drinks to sip on while we did our hair and turned on Pandora. They all had a blast getting ready and barely touched their drinks. I sipped from my glass with a keen eye on theirs making sure to never let my cocktail dip lower than theirs. To supplement my buzz I kept 2 grams of coke in car and a half bottle of vodka. I’d sneak out the back door every few minutes while the rest of my friends oblivious to my covert actions, babbled and over applied eye liner inside. Looking back on last night I felt more alone inside the house with my friends than I did in the car alone with my coke and vodka. As I sat in the car in the back of mind my it felt like, this may be the last time I get high, this may be my last drink. It wasn’t dark yet, but was getting’ there and stint in an addiction rehab center seemed to be inevitable.

You See Social Drinking, I See Drug and Alcohol Abuse


I drove to the club because I needed to be able to get back out to my supply. I was in no shape to drive but I promised I would. They all sang stupid songs in the back seat whole I just tried to keep the car between the lines. My mind kept racing back to the idea of going to addiction rehab. Nothing was fun anymore. While everyone else was having fun without having to worry about pacing themselves, I was managing my drug and alcohol abuse every second of the day.

Rehab on My Mind, With A Needle in My Hand

When we walked in the club the girls all ran on the dance floor making duck faces and dancing like strippers. I took 3 shots of vodka to try and calm my heart that was pounding out of my chest. It didn’t work so I took 3 more shots and then ran to my car. Outside jimmy was waiting for me. He’s been my dealer since the incident I had with my last one ended in a rape charge. Jimmy suggested I shoot a bit of heroin to level off. Drug and alcohol abuse run in his family so he doesn’t use he just deals. Super moral guy. I sat in my car with a needle in my hand with the idea of addiction rehab
Rushing through my brain. I shrugged it off, watched a you tube video on how to shoot heroin and stuck the needle in.

I Wish I Was Dead, But I’ll Settle for Addiction Rehab


I had never shot heroin before. I’ll never do it again. I stumbled back in the club, I remember seeing my friend’s eyes looking as big a CD’s I tried to grab the bar but missed, my head hit the bar I fell to the floor and started to puke. They told me my lips were blue. They said I looked dead, they said they can’t hang out with me anymore. I had Overdosed on heroin and I wish I was dead. Tomorrow I’ll head to addiction rehab in Florida. I’m scared, nervous and sad. I’m also just a tiny bit excited. I’ve seen the site before at my sisters house so, in an effort to keep the bottle out of my hand for the next few hours I thought I would write this all down and hope it can help others struggling with Drug and alcohol abuse. Take Care.

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