Written By: Fiona Stockard

Am I Ready To Move From My Halfway House?

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As a women in recovery, becoming a productive member of society and growing into a self-supporting human being is important! A Halfway House, or sober-living home, is a safe and structured environment for us in early-sobriety. Deciding when to move out of a halfway house can be stressful!

Here are some questions (and answers!) to help point you in the right direction.

1) Have You Completed The Twelve-Steps?

If you’re in a twelve-step program, completing the steps is the first thing you should do. Wait, I lied. Getting a sponsor is the first thing you should do. After all, you can’t work the steps without a sponsor!

Working the twelve-steps is the main goal of early-recovery. Afterwards, you get to cary the message and help other addicts and alcoholics.

2) Are You Moving With Roommates?

Moving out with roommates can be tricky. Make sure that whoever you move with is responsible! A good way to tell is to ask them these five questions! If you don’t want to do that, try asking some of the questions below.

-Are your potential roommates in recovery?

-Are you at risk if they’re not sober?

-What happens if they relapse while you’re living together?

-Is relapse a risk for you?

-Do they work a good program and help others?

-Are they able to pay their bills?

-Have they had a roommate before?

These are all things you should discuss before moving with anyone. Talk with your sponsor and sober supports. Maybe moving to a three fourths house is smarter than moving into an apartment. Above all, pray on it!

3) Are You Financially Stable?

Having and sticking to a budget is important to recovery. Moving out and being held financially accountable is pretty damn stressful! Add that to all the other stress and maybe you’re better off staying put (at least for a little while!).

Make sure that you’ve mapped out a secure budget and gone over it with someone experienced.

4) Are You Being Honest With Yourself?

Though this probably seems like a hard question to answer, it’s as easy as asking yourself two questions.

-What’re my motives?

-Do I have any reservations?

If your motives are genuine and you’re trying to progress in your life, then it might be time. However, if you have any reservations, it’s not the best time to move and you should probably wait (duh!).

5) What Do Other Sober Women Say?

Ask your sponsor, peers, family, sober supports, and halfway house managers what they think. If you’re doing the right thing, they’ll be encouraging and excited for you to move on. If they suggestion staying longer, then you should follow their suggestions. Those closest to you see you day in and day out. They’ll be able to tell if you’re ready to move or not.

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