Written By: Katie Schipper

How Living Your Dreams Can Be a Real Thing!

Paralyzing Fear Can Stifle All Dreams

Fear is the ultimate culprit when it comes to living your dream. This doesn’t just apply to addicts and alcoholics in early-recovery, it applies to everyone. Fear can be totally paralyzing. There’s the fear of failure, the fear of what other people will think, the fear of what might go wrong. Then there’s the power of regret, which is really just a fear of the past combined with a fear that you’re not good enough. All of those fears and their offshoots are responsible for killing dreams before they even have a chance to see the light of day. Sounds kind of bleak, huh? Fear not, there are some ways to keep your dreams alive!

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Stop Living in Regret, Start Living Your Dreams

The first thing to remember is not to focus too much on eliminating fear and regret. If you focus on the negative side of things, that’s where your energy is. You’re eliminating some of the focus you could give to living your dreams. So, don’t freak over the fact that you have fears and if you’re living with regret. Everyone has fear. I repeat: EVERYONE HAS FEAR. It’s in our DNA. It’s hardwired in our brains. We feel fear as an instinct designed to help us survive.

On a personal level, you can decide if fear drives you or you can acknowledge it and grow. So, focus on the positive. This means whatever your dream is, start believing it now. You can start living your dreams, today! Tell yourself your dream is already real. If your dream is to go back to school, believe that you’re a student. Tell yourself you’re a student and guess what? You are! Say it out loud and have faith in it.

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Living Your Dreams Starts With Saying It Until You Believe It

So, you repeat your dreams until you believe them. What then? You have to actually do it! Faith and intention are vital. They motivate, compel, and drive us, but you still have to get off your a*s and do it.

You can’t just sit around dreaming about something and think it will happen without any work. That’s a fantasy and a daydream. You can do anything you dream is possible. The problem is that without meaningful, consistent, and focused effort all those dreams will remain nothing more than that, dreams. Set goals and work towards them.

Focus on the Now!

There’s nothing that can be done today, tomorrow, or the next day that’ll change the past. So, stop living with regret! Sometimes this is hard. Hell, often it’s hard. From the right perspective though, it’s incredibly empowering.

If you fully believe, understand, and accept that you can’t change what’s already happened, then you also have power to put all your focus and energy into right now. What can you do differently today so you don’t ever have to feel like you want to change the past? How can you learn to turn your regret into motivation to start living the life you’ve dreamed of?

These gifts aren’t reserved for an exclusive group. If you have the willingness to state your dream, to believe in your dream, and to take action towards making your dream a reality, then you can live any life you choose. You can live without being a slave to fear and regret.

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