A Gender Specific, Women’s Drug Rehab Will Save Your Life

I had been to many, many drug rehabs in my 28 years, but nothing seemed to work. Finally one morning after I woke up with my eyeliner smudged across my face and my Juicy sweatpants covered in blood and puke I decided to try drug rehab one more time, but this time I knew I needed a women’s drug rehab. It must have been that “moment of clarity” all those old men from AA were talking about, but I just knew a women’s drug rehab was what I needed and here are the 3 reasons why.

3. Females Provide The Best Help For Heroin Addiction.


Ok, maybe this is TMI but since I was a little girl I have always had a female OBGYN. I could not imagine having a man telling me what to do with my lady parts. Men have no idea what it is like to a woman so I figured I should apply this same idea to my recovery, so I looked into a women’s drug rehab. I’m sure there are a ton of really great male therapists, but I just felt like woman would really know what it is like to be me and I was right. My female therapist struggled with the same things I did. If I didn’t go to a women’s drug rehab I could have been placed with a therapist and given cookie cutter answers instead of hand crafted, gender specific help for heroin addiction.

2. No Distractions. I Could Finally Focus Only On My Drug Addiction


I think it was the first time I saw JC Chasez from NSYNC on MTV that I realized I was going to have a problem with boys. When I entered the women’s drug rehab they told me this was called this “Male Dependency”. I have done, and will do, the same horrible things to get my hands on a man that I did to get my hands on heroin. I’m not a slut by any means. It’s just that to me men are a drug just the same a crack. A women’s drug rehab was the only way I could focus on my recovery. Having men in group would be just as bad as having a bag of heroin sitting in the middle of the floor. Neither would offer me much help for heroin addiction.

1. I Feel Safer In A Women’s Drug Rehab

I’ve been through a lot. A lot of the things I have been through are 100% my fault but some of them were not. I was abused and taken advantage of in my addiction. Early in my recovery being around men made me very nervous. Yes, I needed help for heroin addiction but at my women’s drug rehab I also got help for the things that happened to me that spawned my fear of men. Drug abuse and trauma go hand in hand in my life and my women’s treatment center helped me get a handle on both issues. I found out much later that I am not alone. The National Institute on Drug Abuse Estimates that 80% of women in treatment for drug abuse have histories of sexual or physical assault. I don’t think I would have been able to make so much progress in my life and my recovery had I not gone to a fantastic women’s drug rehab.

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