Someone is Missing 100k and Caroline Biden Supposedly Took It

Rumor has it Caroline Biden pled guilty to grand larceny for stealing over $100,000.00 from an unnamed victim in credit card fraud. There are many questions about this case that remain unclear to the public. Concerns such as how Bigelow Pharmacy in New York, where the alleged crime was committed, allowed over a year of charges to go on a credit card that was under another person’s name or how such high charges could be racked up unnoticed.

A Simple Billing Process Might be to Blame

Upon reaching out to the pharmacy itself to ask how the billing process worked, a pharmacy technician of the store advised how simple the process was. “We take the credit number and put it into the computer. Whenever there is a purchase within the store we bill it to the credit card on file.” When asked if there needs to be any sort of document filled out or authorization for a credit card to be on file for the company to process charges on the card, the employee of the store stated, “no, we just need the credit card number only and we process it.” When asked if there was a receipt emailed to the owner of the credit card or any confirmation of purchases, the store advised there was nothing in place for that. For an organization who claims on it’s website that it has been in existence since 1838, there seems to be a high level of risk associated in their level of consumer responsibility in terms of their current billing processes.

Biden Didn’t Mean To Do It

Biden’s attorney could not be reached for comment on the particulars of this case, however it has been reported that Biden’s intent was never to defraud her un-named victim and that the charges were put on the credit card on file by mistake.

Additional speculation has circulated regarding the victim of the case, and many are left scratching their heads and wondering how someone could not have noticed so many transactions being processed without their consent for a calendar year.

Caroline Biden Fraud

Also, most credit card companies have time restrictions in which they will honor credit card disputes. Considering how long this “scheme” was going on, it seems that the un-named friend of Biden might have been hard pressed to receive any of her money back from her credit card company due to being outside the scope of timing filings.

The money was reportedly paid right after the plea deal, which poses the question if this scam was in fact done with intent, and financial resources were readily available, why do it? Biden allegedly even used the card on file to pay for medicine prescribed by a physician at the pharmacy. This does not seem like a well thought out scam.

There is More to The Story than Reported

The facts of this #LockBidenUp story seem to be a little more grey than most of the news outlets are portraying. Caroline Biden made news headlines originally in 2013, when she was arrested on charges stemming from drug and alcohol addiction. She was ordered to complete an inpatient drug treatment program and 90 day sober living program, which she completed successfully sources confirm. Biden has stayed out of the public eye since her arrest and has also remained clean and sober. She has remained sober since completing probation sources confirm.

It has been proven in no court document that she has ever attempted to use her “Uncle Joe” as a “get out of jail free card” instead it is clear she took full responsibility for her actions by confirming she,” should have paid more attention to her finances and caught these mistakes sooner.” Many things were against Biden walking into the courtroom, including her prior arrests. A public knowledge of drug addiction mixed with a juicy headline might have been the source of this judgment call by the Biden attorney and the extremely light consequence. However, is it fair? This is just one example of how long do we allow the past to dictate someone’s future?

Caroline Biden Guilty

The Impact of Addiction

Everyday more articles are written, stories are broadcast and families are left broken from the impact of addiction. We want to spread hope as a society that recovery is possible and that there is a better life, yet we jump to conclusions based on someone’s prior drug arrest or criminal record.

Maybe this is a different case because they have a “famous” last name or some other excuse we tell other selves to justify the judgments that we casts on others, but is it really?

It is the same reason the convicted felon released from jail most likely will not find gainful employment due to his prior convictions.

These thoughts do not negate the fact that something wrong was done here, however intent could not be defined, due to the prior judgments already cast upon a person based upon actions that occurred while they were intoxicated. The system is not broken due to “connections to Uncle Joe” the system is broken because of us.

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