A Sexy Halloween Costume Could Be a Relapse Warning Sign

I get it, we are supposed to practice these principles in all our affairs, but does this really apply to Halloween? Back in the late 1800’s a brave woman decided to go trick-or-treating not as just a normal nurse. She decided to break down social barriers and redefine Halloween as, A Sexy Nurse. Today, over 200 years later, women in recovery are being told that dressing sexy is a relapse warning sign. These people saying that The Sexy Batgirl, The Sexy UPS Lady and The Sexy Finding Nemo (It’s a real thing click here) are just a relapse warning sign may have forgotten that Halloween happens once a year.

The Costume Women in Recovery Wear Doesn’t Effect Their Sobriety


When a sexy Hamburger (yup it’s real click here) walks into the local substance abuse recovery dance on Halloween nobody says, “Wow, here comes a relapse warning sign.” They say, ”Wow that hamburger has boobs.” Women in recovery may be dressing a little provocative on Halloween, but this does not mean that they are in fact acting like sluts. If the sexy Ronald McDonald costume causes a woman in recovery to have sex with every dude who thinks his Top Gun costume is original, then I would say yep, Sexy Female Charlie Brown is a big carton relapse warning sign. What a woman in recovery wears has no bearing on her sobriety.

Recovery Is Based On Steps Not Skin

A relapse warning sign has to do with the decision to not go to meetings, the decision to hang out in bars, not call your sponsor, only hang out with men. A relapse warning sign is not solely based on articles of clothing. Hell, forget about relapse warning signs, long term sobriety is based on steps, spirituality, and service. It’s not based on sex appeal or how much skin society says is ok to show off once a year. Just because you might be uncomfortable with how great the sexy guitar looks doesn’t mean that the sexy guitar is strumming to the tune of Amy Winehouse’s greatest hit, “Relapse Warning Sign.”

Sexual Promiscuity Doesn’t mean Drug Relapse


Lets go even further down the path of what really doesn’t matter when looking at a relapse warning sign. How much sex you have. It doesn’t matter! You could have sex 3 times a day, does it mean you are a sex addict, yes. Does it mean you are close to drinking? Not always, so to paint the sexy Captain Crunch as a relapse warning sign is simply wrong and disrespectful to women. Also who are you to judge the merits of a women in recovery’s program? Do you go to meetings with her, do you know how many people she has helped, do you see her pick up cigarette butts or make coffee at meetings? If you do then maybe you can have an option on to what a relapse warning sign is for her. If you don’t know the intimate portions of her program, only the intimate parts of her exposed by her Sexy Sponge Bob Out fit then keep a lid on it because judging others actually is relapse warning sign.

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