Beauty’s in the Eye of the Beholder

When did skinny as a rail, I can see your ribs, you look like a starving Ethiopian become what men want? Back in the day, like way back in the day, larger people were desirable. Having meat on your bones meant you had a lot of money. Who doesn’t like money?

“Man, that guys is like five-hundred pounds! He must have so much money to be that big! Do you know if he’s seeing anyone?” asked Marie Antoinette. “Look at that shorty,” King George would say, “I’m gonna take her to the joust, get her knocked up so she can pop out some lads to sit on my thrown, plow the fields, and lead my troops into battle.” That’s a direct quote, by the way.

Sobriety For Women

Today, Brock the frat boy with sculpted abs and an Audi his daddy paid for, combs the savanna (the quad) at the university his dad is a legacy at, looking for the skinniest, most emaciated woman. No way Brock would every date a woman based on her brains or personality. It’s the same reason Brock won’t drive a Prius. I mean, if he had a smart girl and a Prius, his frat brothers would pick on him. He wouldn’t be cool…but he might be smart!

Women, we don’t get a pass on this one either. We hate it when another woman has better shoes, or a better purse, or better hair. We hate it when Susie has the star quarterback on her arm and we “just” have the second string running-back. Last year, a guy friend broke up with his girlfriend. He told me her response. Ready to be dumbfounded? “You’re not really in the financial position I would hope for and you’re way too skinny.” Really? You said that out loud? So people can hear you?

I guess romantic attraction has always been about looks, status, and money.

Can we blame women and men for starving themselves, doing steroids, buying things they can’t afford, and going to ANY length to appear attractive? No, we can’t! It’s all over TV, the internet, billboards, and everywhere else! Women are made to feel we have to be super skinny to find a guy and be happy! Guys are made to feel like they need to be a six-figure lawyer with abs of granite to find a girl and be happy!

We can’t blame them, but we can stop feeding the delusion machine. We can start talking about how happiness is internal, about how beauty comes from within. The size of a person’s heart is more important than the size of their stomach or thighs! Someone’s weight should be measured in the amount of times they make you laugh!

Happiness isn’t something to be bought, it’s an emotion there’s no quick fix for. That’s why it’s so hard to find. Hell, it should be! You won’t find happiness in a bank account, or good looks. It’s found deep inside a person’s heart. Happiness, love, and beauty are found in the heart and in there – one size fits all!

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