Don’t be Average, Be Phenomenal

My best friend, Tim S., owner and creator of, introduced me to this series of motivational videos. These videos are more than just the typical “you can do anything if you set your mind to it” speeches (I know you’re imagining those in your head right now!).

We recently watched one where the subject was “Being Phenomenal.”

Sobriety For Women

Now, of course, everyone wants to be phenomenal. Being phenomenal is, well, phenomenal! However, most of us settle for being average because it’s easier. Being average is safer. It’s quicker. It takes less work. Except, being average may just end up suffocating the life out of you.

My Story

I found myself twenty-three years old, four years sober, and pondering if the sky really was the limit. I decided to be my own guinea pig.

I went back to school and got a Bachelor’s Degree. Check.

I quit smoking cigarettes and haven’t inhaled in two years. Check.

I started a company called Sobriety for Women: South Florida Recovery to change the way women in recovery are treated. Check.

My friend and I opened a women’s halfway house in Delray Beach. Check.

I opened a Comprehensive Addiction Treatment facility for women. Today, we house over twenty women. Check.

These women have become family, helping each other stay sober. It’s a beautiful thing to be involved with and witness.

The Future Looks Phenomenal

Today, I’m in the works of expanding South Florida’s premiere woman’s treatment center. The process is nothing short of amazing.

I didn’t write this article as some sort of cheesy way to get our name out (though no publicity is bad publicity, right?). I wrote this to say we can be our own phenomenon.

We can, all of us, reinvent our lives and change directions. One thing most motivational videos don’t tell you? You’re a person alive in this world – you can achieve anything. Surround yourself with people who want to go further and you’ll do the same. Figure out what makes you happy and go do it!

Much Love,

Brittany Ringerson

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