By: Tim Myers

Dear Mom,

So, Happy Mother’s Day!

I started roaming around the malls looking for the best Mother’s Day present ever. I found some great slippers and a wicked cool candle that smelled like pumpkin pie, but nothing seemed to be good enough.

I mean, you’re pretty great Mom. A tube of socks or a tube of flowers just wouldn’t do the trick.

sober mothers day

Seriously, what do you get the woman who shot you out in to the world? What do you get the woman who held your head so you little neck didn’t hurt? What do you get the woman who was there when you first walked, crawled, burped, pooped, and learned to whistle (not in that order!)?

What do you get the person who saw you strike out in little league and took you out for ice cream after the game? What do you get the person who saw try a cigarette for the first time and thought it was just a phase? What do you get the woman who found the beer can under your bed and thought it was just rebel kid stuff.

What kind of present do you get the mother who held you head above the toilet when you came home drunk for the first time? What is the perfect present for the lady who drove you home from middle school, high school, and college when you got suspended for being high at school?

Is there anything you can get a mother who pulled countless bottles of whisky out from under your bed and realized this is not a phase. What do you get for the mother you pushed? What do you get the woman your called an a*****e in a blackout? What could you give someone who held you head while you cried “I need help?”

Is there anything in this world that would be even close to give to the women who drove your to treatment? Who paid for your treatment. Who drove you back to treatment. Who paid for it again. Then drove you back again. Then paid again and again and again and again.

What gift could I give a mother that went to church every Sunday and asked God to save me? What could a mother be given that would be any sort of reward for ten plus years of endured pain. Does a gift like that exist? Is it out there?

What could I give my mother that would be a token of how wonderful a mother she is? How about One Sober Day?

This Mothers Day I will remain 100% completely sober, safe, and happy. Now, I plan on staying sober everyday ‘til then. I’ve got every intention of staying sober everyday after, but I can’t promise that. I can, however, promise you that on mother’s day this year you’ll get the only thing in this whole wide world that you want…

Me: sober, safe, and happy.

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