Why Should I Go to Women’s Meetings?

While I could write an entire article about women’s meetings (and this is that article!), the main benefit of attending a female only twelve-step meeting is simple and obvious – less distraction!

Simply put, boys distract us from seeking God. They distract us from working on ourselves. They distract us from seeking and implementing spiritual principles in our lives. Basically, boys distract us!

women only meetings

And it’s not only their fault! I’m certainly at fault here. I’d much rather talk to a cute guy than listen to reasons prayer is so vital. I’d much rather daydream about that surfer boy sitting in front of me than learn why resentments are the number one offender.

Plus, I think it’s the same for men. While I can’t be 100% sure, I’m pretty certain they’re the same way. After all, wouldn’t a guy rather flirt with me (!) than work on himself? Wouldn’t a guy rather flirt with any woman than taking a look at himself?

Guys – if you’re reading this, weigh in!

So, why should we go to women’s only meetings? First off, to learn what sobriety’s really about! Gender-specific meetings offer a few other benefits too. Find out what they are below!

Strong Sober Supports

Yes, men can be sober supports. I know my phone is full of guy’s numbers, strictly platonic, that I can call at anytime of the day if I need help. Still, for me, having guys as sober supports isn’t as good as having women.

So, at women’s only meetings, we can build strong sober supports. We make friendships that can last for the rest of our lives. We meet women who, through the miraculous workings of a God of our own understanding, have been through the exact same situations as us.

I know the first time I heard a women share something that had happened to me, that I thought I was alone in dealing with, my jaw hit the ground. I was shocked. Was she reading my mind? Nope. It turns out that alcoholics are pretty similar.

Side bar – that woman who shared my exact experience? She ended up being my first sponsor. God is good, my friends.

A Space for Victims of Abuse

Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse aren’t uncommon for women in recovery. I now I’ve certainly experienced them firsthand. So, for women in early-sobriety and beyond to have a safe space is absolutely vital.

Going to women’s only meetings provides this much needed space of safety and security.

We Can Share Openly

Imagine if you started to share about something personal, and when I say personal I mean personal, and you saw a boy making eyes at you from across the room! That wouldn’t be cool! It would make me feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and like I couldn’t share openly.

Here, we reach one of the main reasons that we need female only meetings – they offer the privacy to share openly and honestly. The entire twelve-step recovery foundation is based on honesty. It’s the spiritual principle behind the first step!

So, imagine if we couldn’t speak honestly! It would stink. Thankfully, we have women’s meetings. For those of you lucky enough to be located in a “recovery hotspot” like south Florida, you even have hundreds of women’s meetings a day!

And that, my friends, is pretty priceless!

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