Written By: Fiona Stockard

Why Go To An All Women’s Treatment Center?

women's treatment program

Laura suffers from heroin addiction and an eating disorder. She goes to a traditional treatment center and is placed in a male therapist’s caseload. Not only does her therapist have no experience with treating eating disorders, but he’s a guy! He also has thirty people in his caseload, including males. What happens?

If you guessed that Laura opens up a tiny bit, and only a tiny bit, you’d be right!

See, Laura talks about some basic topics. She talks about things like triggers and her insomnia. Because her therapist has no experience with eating disorders, she can get away with acting out. Her quickly dwindling weight goes unnoticed. Also, because of the men in her caseload, Laura never feels comfortable opening up about the trauma, guilt, and shame from her past. She does her thirty days, gets out, and relapses within a week.

This scenario happens everyday in treatment centers across the country. There’s a huge need for women’s addiction treatment.

There are like a thousand reasons why it’s beneficial for women to go to an all women’s treatment center. If we talked about all of them, we’d be here until next Wednesday. Let’s look at the top three.

The Top Three Reasons To Go To a All Women’s Treatment Center

1) Gender Specific Treatment
Addiction is a vicious disease that affects individuals differently, especially women. Women have a difficult time finding a treatment center that’s designed specifically for them, with gender unique therapists and groups. Women’s issues, like co-dependency, eating disorders, domestic violence, abortions, and trauma often get swept under the rug at traditional rehabs. I know I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my history of guilt and shame with guys in the room!

Drug Rehabs that have a comprehensive clinical program specifically tailored to women, it’s easy for the women to feel comfortable and work on our core and underlying issues.

2) Comfortability
There is often a huge discrepancy in what men and women look for while going to treatment. Women often need to feel more comfortable at their treatment center. They need to feel like they’re in a “home away from home.”

Drug Rehabs designed to make a woman as comfortable as possible make the recovery process easier on the woman away from her family and loved ones.

3) Less Distractions
A huge plus for women seeking treatment at an all women’s treatment center is that there are fewer distractions. Often, women tend to act out in early-sobriety. This commonly takes the form of getting into an unhealthy relationship. Getting rid of a common distraction leads to higher success rates!

When looking for an all women’s treatment center, find one that’s individualized and offers specific client-centered services. Recovery from addiction, as well as eating disorders, is difficult! With a strong and caring clinical staff, we promise to provide the structure and support women in recovery need to achieve success!

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