An Explanation For the Addictiveness of Xanax

Anti-anxiety medication has become a huge business in modern society! Among anti-anxiety medication, benzodiazepines are the most popular. Among benzodiazepines, Xanax is the most popular. So, that makes Xanax the most popular (and profitable!) anti-anxiety med.

Why is Xanax Addicting

Just how bad is Xanax addiction? Well, since 1983, it’s been the most frequently prescribed benzo. What does this mean in numbers though? In 2007, over 37.5 million Xanax prescriptions were written. That’s a lot.

See, here’s the thing about using Xanax as the main form of treatment for anxiety – it causes people to become addicted! Xanax addiction isn’t good. It poses significant health hazards, which have yet to be addressed on a large scale. Not to mention, the risk of developing a serious Xanax addiction often goes unspoken, yet the threat is certainly real.

This guide exposes the addictive properties of Xanax and highlights the true dangers of this medication.

Xanax Treats Symptoms, But Ignores Causes

Most benzodiazepines provide immediate relief, in lieu of a permanent solution. This is 100% true of Xanax. Treating anxiety with Xanax fails to address the emotional source of anxiety, instead focusing on altering brain chemistry to improve one’s mood. A burst of instantaneous calm doesn’t promote long-term wellbeing. No, it produces a habitual reliance on the drug. This reliance (often called addiction!) causes a physiological need for the drug, whenever any psychological disturbances occur. After a period of time, often a matter of only a few weeks of daily use, Xanax causes physical addiction as well.

The Xanax induced state of calm isn’t conducive to any productive behavior. It isn’t conducive to learning how to solve stressful situations. Instead, the anti-anxiety effects instill tendencies of lethargic procrastination. Ultimately, this form of Xanax addiction hinders any potential efforts to correct difficult situations.

Withdrawal Effects

Once physical addiction sets in, the lack of Xanax is worse than any level of anxiety the medication was originally designed to treat! Once physically addicted, people without psychological dependency issues, or a family history of addiction, still need to take Xanax to prevent severe physical symptoms of withdrawal. As a result, Xanax addition needs to be patiently combated, instead of a “all at once” form of treatment. Besides an increase in anxiety and agitation, Xanax withdrawal can produce insomnia, nausea, vomiting, nightmares, hallucinations, seizures, and heart failure! Fatal instances of seizure and heart failure have been reported.

Attempting an immediate cessation of Xanax isn’t recommended! A medical detox should always, ALWAYS, be used.

Ease of Access

One of the largest reasons for the epidemic of Xanax addiction is the drug’s widespread availability. Remember, Xanax is the most prescribed benzo, and often used as a cure-all for anything anxiety related. Although the FDA recommends against prescribing Xanax to those with prior addiction issues, histories of substance abuse can be hard to validate. Also, Xanax addiction can be overlooked because the drug is so socially acceptable. Even people that don’t have their own prescriptions can easily obtain Xanax through friends and relatives. The fact that this is illegal doesn’t deter those in the throes of a serious Xanax addiction.


Substance abuse treatment exists specifically for the treatment of Xanax, and other, addiction. The safest solution is to first implement a strict taper regimen. This allows Xanax to in your body to slowly leave. This micro-managing method can be self-administered, but it’s wise to seek professional consultation. Follow your taper with inpatient or out-patient treatment.

There are vast support networks available for the treatment of Xanax addiction. Online resources also exist. In fact, this website proves comprehensive information on how to rise above addiction. No one should have to suffer alone with the painful effects of excessive medication reliance. With the right resources, anyone can overcome Xanax addiction.

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