By: Tim Myers

Can You See REAL Beauty?

Take the lens cap off your face. Remove the rose colored tint from you eyes. Stop looking at women from the grocery store check out pedestal where you were raised and start looking at women as God intended them to be – beautiful, perfectly imperfect, flawed and pure works of art.


Next time you’re bumping into the slow walkers at the mall or rolling your eyes at the woman bagging your french fries, take a minute to pause and really, really see these women. Look at the curves, the texture, the emotion and the light.

Women are beautiful just the way they were made, without the airbrush, without the make up and without the stereotype. I know this, but Brian Cattelle proved it.

Unfiltered & Real

Once the maroon hazed lines cleared from his eyes and the fumes of booze were five years behind him in the rearview mirror, Brian Cattelle picked up his camera and began to show us how beautiful women really are.

He didn’t set out on a self-righteous quest and wasn’t fueled by injustice or a particular cause. He just wanted to see if he could make the oldest star in the sky shine a little bit brighter. In his attempt he may have just invented a whole new way to look at women. Bare. Not naked, but Bare.

He found the areas of the United States that had already been stripped of their glamor, their paint, and their plastic values. He traveled many hours, climbed thirty feet in the air on rusted and crumbling steel, through rivers, snow and garbage, and when he got where he was going…she took off her clothes.

The delicate, original skin of the women in his photographs jump off the page and into your memories. Vogue, Vanity Fair, and every other red lips, white teeth, offensive, “hey girls, lose some weight” Wal-Mart magazine will never feature women as beautiful as the ones found in Brian Cattelle’s work. You know why? They’re just too real.

A Forgotten Portrait

The forgotten structures, the dark eyes of his subjects, and the innocence of a woman thrown into the world that tries to steal her soul on a daily basis, pushes his women to the edge of the photo threatening to dissolve them forever. Brian’s photographs make these women look like the world has sent them away to be reproduced in mass quantities.

When you look carefully, though, you can see they are still there, crouched just outside the darkness, alive, vibrant, and more beautiful than ever.

Once you see her, you’ll never lose her again. Once we all see these photos, we’ll never be fooled again. Never fooled into thinking that a woman should or could look a certain way. We’ll realize that each woman is created equal. Each woman is perfectly imperfect and that’s what makes her…Perfect.

Once you see these images you’ll never forget Brian Cattelle. A man whose been chipped, scuffed up, bruised and beaten, yet found a way to rise, to shine and in the process he made the world a little bit brighter. Take a look for yourself!

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