An Unintended Overdose

risky game an overdose poem

One of our wonderful fans, the talented Ariana Galante, sent us this poem.

Ariana’s a high school junior from Pennsylvania. She wrote “The Risky Game” after her school hosted a drug awareness seminar.

She was moved by this seminar, saying it brought back memories of her experience with a family member’s addiction. She lived in constant fear of losing her sister. Today, she says, her sister is doing great and has been sober for a few years.

Thanks Ariana! You rock!

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The Risky Game

One time.
One chance.
I take the risk.
Will it be my last?

Heavy eyes,
dizzy head,
I lay down,
on my bed.

Hurry please!
Come get me now!
Find me!
I’m beginning to drown.

I doze off.
I drift.
Flying high,
but now stiff.

She enters.
Sees me lying here,
coming closer,
touches my hair.

I’m cold.
She falls.
Grabs her phone,
and makes that call.

That dreaded day,
we are now apart,
my mistake,
her broken heart.

But for me,
what seemed like a fun time,
careless actions,
turned into the way I died.

–Ariana Galante

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