Tattoos: Sober Women Breaking Tradition

Written By:Anjelica G.

Body modification, meaning to deliberately alter your physical appearance, has become extremely popular over the last few years. I mean, it’s always been popular, but tattoos and piercings, as well as many other unique forms self-expression, have really blown up lately. I think body art is amazing and believe that pretty soon major community and world leaders will be tatted up. Hell, even our seventh president, Andrew Jackson, had a tattoo on his thigh. However, not everyone has the best ideas when it comes to ink.

Should We Be Broadcasting “Sober” on Our Hands?

Now don’t get me wrong, the fact that you’re sober is fantastic, but does everyone need to know? People get tattoos because they feel so strongly about something there’s no other way for them to show how goddamn awesome it is then to have it permanently etched into their skin! Still, I think there are ways to show gratitude for sobriety besides stamping it on one of the most visible area of your body! Don’t you dare put “sober” on your face. If you do, you’re never getting a job. “Oh Ms. Jones I see here on your face that you’re sober, good you should be, this is a job interview!”

sober tattoos

Calling Attention to an Anonymous Program

Take a look at the images above. Not only do they broadcasting, “I’m a women in sobriety”, but they also call attention to an anonymous program and broadcast their sobriety date! Uh oh! I thought anonymity was our spiritual foundation? Looks like someone’s breaking a few traditions. I hope this person doesn’t ever have to change their sobriety date. This is basically a recipe for disaster. Weren’t you told not to get your significant other’s name tattooed on you? Well, sobriety tattoos should carry the same warning. I’d love to believe that your sobriety date isn’t going to change, but no matter how hard you try this sort of thing simply isn’t guaranteed. Now, you might be thinking I’m insensitive for writing this, or maybe I just “don’t understand,” but let me tell you, I get it.

This is Me

I had to go through addiction treatment as well. I’ve been a woman in recovery for over two years. I’m covered from head to toe in tattoos and piercings. I change my hair color more then some people change their underwear. All that being said, I’ve made some huge tattoo mistakes. I’m writing this article to save sober women from the horrible tattoo decisions I’ve made! I had tattoos before I got sober, but in early-sobriety I made the mistake of putting “Grant Me Serenity” and the Narcotics Anonymous symbol on my hand! It was embarrassing to know that regardless of where I was, people knew I was in a twelve-step program. Not everyone understands that being in recovery and being an active drug user are two different things. So, to many close minded people, I was seen as a criminal, a liar, an unemployable junkie, and a disappointment to the family. I was nineteen and had maybe a week sober. I relapsed not too long after I got that tattoo. Hell, I’ve had to go through getting it covered up, which wasn’t easy for the artist.

A Tattoo Anjelica got in Sobriety

Change Your Insides Before You Start Changing Your Outsides

Take my advice and change your insides before you go changing your outsides! It’s more rewarding that way. Remember, and this is important, don’t try to match your insides with other peoples outsides. Listen up Ms. Sober Woman, I know what it’s like to constantly want to look aesthetically perfect and to try and keep up with the latest trends. What I didn’t understand, when I first began my sober journey, is that nothing looks better than a happy, healthy, sober woman. When you walk into a room, light it up with your heart, not your poorly done, tradition breaking tattoos!

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