top ten reasons to live in a halfway house

Treatment is just the beginning. I used to hate when people told me that! It didn’t matter if they were therapists, family, or friends. I didn’t want to hear it! Turns out they were telling me the truth though.

Moving into a sober-living house (a halfway or three-quarter house) after treatment is incredibly helpful. Early sobriety is tough. Being in a structured, safe, and sober environment makes the transition from treatment to real-life easier. Simple as that.

Most newly sober women don’t know what to expect from a halfway house. They think it’s going to be dark, dank, and depressing. Or they think it’ll be a place to use without anyone knowing. Or they think something else crazy. I thought all those things and more!

The truth is that living in a halfway house provides strong community support. It’s yet another safety net against relapse.

The Top 10 Things You Should Do in a Halfway House

1) Follow the rules

2) Go to meetings

3) Get a sponsor

4) Make friends with other sober women

5) Get a job and begin to become self-sufficient

6) Get honest – ask for help if you think about using

7) Start praying and building your relationship with God

8) Be grateful for this opportunity at a second chance

9) Be respectful of your roommates – that means clean up after yourself!

10) Become a productive members of society – get in a routine and stick with it

The Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do in a Halfway House

1) Don’t use drugs or drink!

2) Don’t continue to act out (on an eating disorder, sexually, excessive shopping, etc.)

3) Don’t sleep all day

4) Don’t relay on everyone else to support you

5) Don’t only hang out with newly sober people – get some old-timers in your life!

6) Don’t be disrespectful to your roommates or house managers

7) Don’t get violent in the house

8) Don’t fall too far behind on rent

9) Don’t continue to do the same things and expect different results!

10) Don’t think you can do this on your own – if everyone else needs help, so do you!

Follow these lists to guarantee your success while living in a halfway house!

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