Alcohol Issues Plagued The life Of A Talented Dancer

At age 13 Meaghan got a job at the local diner because she wanted money to go to the movies. Her brothers and sisters all older than her just asked their parents for money, but not Meaghan. She would pedal her bike down to the upstate NY diner everyday after school and she loved it. At age 16 Meaghan’s dance life really took off. Many including the local press at the time called her the best dancer in the tri-state area. Meaghan appeared on the Today, danced at Disney and was headed to the Julliard School. Then, one night rehearsal she went out to the bars with her friends for the first time. Life for Meaghan never included a social aspect, it was the diner and dance, day after day, so the very minute that shot of whisky hit her mouth Meaghan’s alcohol issues began.

From The “Today Show” To Alcohol Detox Program

alcohol detox program

Meaghan’s drinking became an everyday affair. She would go to the bar next to the Dance studio every night after rehearsal. Sidelines on Grand Ave. had always been there. She just never noticed it ‘til now. That on establishment would supply Meaghan with enough alcohol to destroy everything she had been work for since the age of 13. Her alcohol issues became more frequent and severe. Her practice sessions grew shorter and shorter in length. She lost so much weight she was put on dietary supplements. The whole town was pulling for her as they all prepared for Julliard audition. Noticing it all slipping away Meaghan took her alcohol issues in to her own hands and decided to stop drinking cold turkey and focus on the biggest audition of her life. The Alcohol had other plans. She woke up in an alcohol detox program at noon on Monday November 11th.

Alcohol Issues Were Not Meaghan’s Only Issues

Meaghan went into cardiac arrest at Lourdes Medical Center in Binghamton NY. The withdrawal symptoms from her alcohol issues shut down her body. The doctors at the alcohol detox program were shocked at how quickly her body had deteriorated. Once recognized as one of the most physically fit women in the state, Meaghan was no just a shell of the woman who had appeared on the Today show. Meaghan’ personality had also changed. Once a delightful and humble kind young woman she now screamed at her fellow dancers and took to hate speech on Facebook.

Words from Her Grandma Made Recovery Possible


Late on her final night in her alcohol detox program Meaghan heard the door crack open and saw her Grandmother walk inside. She reached out for Grandmother and felt the shame and guilt spread though her veins. Her Grandma stayed with her most of the night and as she left she told Meaghan to get back up on her feet and passed on a little advice her own mother had given her many years ago before she left Ireland for The United States.

‘If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”

Dancing to “Hallelujah” performed by Jeff Buckley 4 months sober, Meaghan took the pain of her alcohol issues and poured them into her audition. If you’re looking for her, stop by the Julliard School.

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